Spanish holiday – last update – rural Spain

Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog! This is the last update from our Spanish holiday. We had an amazing time there and even if it was only one week, it was an incredible week where we combined the relaxation with sightseeing. As usual this will be a more visual post blog with pictures and few words about them.

In the last days we visited the rural Basque country and some amazing villages and places near Pamplona and also the beautiful Lumbier Canyon – Foz de Lumbier in Spanish.

 This first picture was taken in a village on the road to the Lumbier canyon, we stopped there to enjoy a coffee and the village had an amazing park and this beautiful church…

The Lumbier Canyon – Foz de Lumbier – it is a natural park and can be visited and the tourists can take a walk on an old Railway that passed trough the canyon and has 2 tunnels.

The canyon at his full beauty

One of the tunnels with a great view at the end…

The old Railway road transformed in a nice path that drives you trough the canyon.

Windmills on the hills at the other end of the canyon
Amazing view of Pamplona at night from Ezcaba Mountain – you go about 8 km up the mountain and you can see Pamplona and it’s surroundings.

Traditional mountain house from a village up north…

View from a water dam  – the dam that collects drinking water for Pamplona

That is it for today, this was our Spanish holiday – hope you have enjoyed this post and the pictures as much as we enjoyed the holiday… See you next time and do not forget to share and like this post.

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