New outbound postcards – Spain postcards + Minions

Hello friends, welcome back to enjoysmallthings,com

Today this post is about some new outbound postcards we sent a few days ago, today I managed to make the time for the blog post. Basically 3 of the 4 postcards we sent now are from Spain, from San Sebastian from our October Spanish holiday.

The first postcard goes to Russia and it is a nice view from San Sebastian


The second one goes to Germany and it is a view from the panorama point on the top of the hill where you can see the San Sebastian bay and the harbor.


The third postcard goes to USA and has a similar view of the harbor and the San Sebastian bay.


The last one is a funny Minions postcards we received from our friend Alex and this ones goes to Japan, I hope it will be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed when we first saw it. We have more Minions postcards, they will be present in some other outbound postcards blog post.postcards-spain4--minions-postcardThat is it for today, enjoy all things in life and have a wonderful day!

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