Life is about creating yourself – The quote of the week

Hello Everyone and welcome back to our blog.

The new life as a father is quite awesome and I really enjoy it, the first month of life of our son was a blessing for us with all the small down sides and inconveniences, all of them are shadowed by the joy of new life.

That is why I did not wanted to make time for anything else, like posting on the blog, or even going to work – 🙂 I had so many days off those days…but that it the best time to do that. Raluca has shared her experience, I will share mine later, now I am coming with a quote about life, inspired by the new life that has come to us:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Quote by George Bernard Shaw

If you search online and if you go on social media websites you see people in the search of finding themselves but I believe that life is indeed about creating your own self and not really about finding yourself. What is to find if you haven’t created yet anything?

First you need to create and develop yourrself and then you can go find what you created.

Now I gotta get back to creating a life , mine and my son’s life… so enjoy your life, enjoy all the small things in your life and do not forget to create a life before venturing out there to find it….




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