Handmade Christmas Tree – Unique Home Decoration – DYI Wood Christmas Tree

This Christmas we decided to create an unique Christmas Tree. We handcrafted it from wood, strings, fairy lights and cool decorations.

We wanted to have a Christmas tree that is easy to mount, does not take a lot of space and that can be used in a home with a small child and a cat.

We all know how crazy cats get when it comes to traditional Christmas trees and the combination between a cat and a small child inside the same roof with a traditional Christmas tree is sometimes fatal for the tree. 🙂

Here is our result:

Our unique, easy to assemble out of the box Christmas tree is made of:

  • 8 pieces of round wood (first we wanted to gather some tree branches from the forest but we found cool round wood in a hardware store so that saved us a trip to the forest)  we chopped the wood and applied a coat of chestnut color varnish for a nice finishing look;
  • a recycled star decoration for the top that was painted in gold;
  • mini laundry pliers that were hot glued to the wood – a cool  and rustic way to hang decorations;
  • led fairy lights for a magical effect;
  • some silver and gold stars (about 2.5cm) hot glued on a rustic string;
  • one set of wooden angels decoration with red/white colors;
  • 3 metallic tree decorations that we painted in gold
  • 3 metallic stars decorations that we painted in gold
  • 3 decorations: reindeer, angel girl, Santa
  • 1 home decoration painted in gold
  • some red and gold small round glass decorations


That is it! And the result is a magical tree on golden and red tones that is safe from the cat, safe from the naughty kid and ads a magical feeling to our home.

See below more images with details from the non-conventional Christmas tree we made this year:

It took us about 20-25 minutes to assemble after we had all the components together and we just placed it on a wall in our home saving up space and having a REALLY COOL Christmas decoration.

We hope you have enjoyed this post as much as we have enjoyed making this Christmas decoration.  For next year’s Christmas season we will launch a handmade product customized Christmas tree. (This season we only accept custom orders from Romania (orders accepted until 18.12) – or orders from Europe accepted until 15.12 – to be able to ship it and to be received by Christmas Eve )

Enjoy Small Things, Handcrafted with Love in Romania!

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