A gift for a special anniversary – Custom Pebble Art – I Love you

A gift for a special anniversary was requested from one of our customers.  It is always a special magical moment when we receive a custom order.

This time the custom order came from Thom in US, as an anniversary gift for his beloved Jennifer.  The gift he chose to customize was one from our catalog: I Love You – Pebble Art.


The customer requested a custom background and text, also a nice black frame that framed the blue background.

The result was:

Custom pebble art

The frame was shipped right away, it is now on it’s way to the receiver to be gifted with love.


See bellow our listings for this product, should you decide to order a custom Pebble Art frame, please contact us.

Pebble Art: I Love You | Unique Handmade Gift. Original Home Decor, Wall Decor, Stone Art. The Perfect Gift for Her.



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