Our 2018 Greece Summer Holiday – Toughts and images

Hi all!

So, this summer holiday was well spent in Greece. We decided way back in spring to go again in Greece for the summer holiday and to go back to Thassos.

Thassos is one of the placed that I fell in love from the first time, actually in our holiday there 2 years ago, and because is relatively closer than any other location in Greece, and not too difficult to reach with the car (we wanted a car holiday this year, unlike the plain flight last year to Crete)

Said and done! Let the holiday begin, we said! Greece here we come! (that was the motto at the beginning of August)

Before diving deep into the trip details I need to mention that we went in this holiday with the care and with a very, very, very active young boy – 2 years and 6 months at the time of writing this post – and going on holidays with a small kid is a CHALLENGE. The good part was that we actually went there with 3 other families with small kids and they kinda played together… Kind of!!!!

Actually we divided our vacation in 2 parts, the first 3 days we spent them on the mainland in the city of Kavala – a quite nice city not far from the island of Thassos (actually there is a ferry from Kavala that goes to Thassos).

The city has a lot of history, like every other place in Greece – if you go in Greece you are surrounded by rich history – and so we divided our time to visit the beach, take all the sun with us back home and also visiting some of the landmarks.

Going back on the vacation with kids – it’s pretty difficult to visit landmarks with small kids, but we managed to check from the list the most important ones. Kavala has a very nice citadel on top of one hill with an amazing view. So we climbed the hill dragging the kids after us at times and the kids running away and dragging us near the top. 🙂


Why picture with Mythos – the most cooling beer from Greece? Well, try climbing a hill in 31 degrees Celsius with a small kid to take care of and you will then understand. (NO, this is not a paid advertisement for Mythos – but it is a damn good beer among other local beers but unfortunately there were few pictures of beers with an amazing view to choose from).

After 3 great days on the mainland we took the ferry boat and landed in Thassos.

Why I like Thassos? Because of the feeling I get when I am there: peaceful island life with amazing views, rising mountains in the back and blue, blue sea in front of you, marble, beaches, sand, sun, pine trees, freedom, holiday mood, AMAZING views – I know I am repeating but the views are amazing – clean water, warm sea to dive and see a multitude of sea life….

The pic above is from the ferry boat and in the background is the island of Thassos.

We stayed for 7 more nights/days in Kinira, that is a small village on the eastern side of the island, very close to one of it’s most beautiful beaches: the Paradise Beach from Thassos (I know more locations in Greece have beaches called Paradise beach). Kinira was a really quiet village, the location where we enjoyed our second part of the holiday was called Alba Studios, with amazing warm and welcoming people, clean and really suitable for a family trip.

View from Paradise beach.

We even went fishing and enjoyed an afternoon fishing in the sea, we caught some “monsters” that were released after the catch , see the pic below, :), and we even made an all fish barbeque. We went to the local fish market and got amazing fresh fish and octopus for the grill… it was divine. (luckily the location had a well organized fireplace and barbeque open air kitchen)

The monster catch

Yummy octopus and fish on the grill.

The good thing when you are going with a kid at the sea is that you will NOT have sunburns. Why? Well, you usually get up pretty early and then go to the beach/pool, stay there until 12 or maximum 12:30 then run to eat something and to get the kid or kids to sleep. During the hot hours you will take a nap or just relax, then go back to the beach after 16 when the kid is fresh. See? No sunburns for you or your kid!

We also visited some other location from the island, see below some pics:

View from the end of Golden Beach in Potamia

View from the Holy Archangels Monastery – breathtaking I know

Somewhere on the road on the eastern side of the island.

Kinira lagoon and beach

Amazing island view

Well, we had a lot of fun, family fun and beach fun, we visited the island, recharged our batteries for some new months of hard work and less sun and after 10 amazing days we took back the ferry from Thassos to the mainland and we drove home.

Greece said GOODBYE with an amazing sunset from the ferry!


Goodbye to you too Greece, hope to see you soon – another location probably next year – and stay as warm and as friendly as we always knew you!

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