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Banana and oatmeal pancakes

Hello friends, welcome back to our enjoy small things blog! Today we delight you with another delicious recipe: simple and healthy pancakes from banana and oatmeal. The recipe is simple and the mix of the ingredients together with the baking of the pancakes should not take more than 10 minutes, an ideal breakfast for your

Trio chocolate mousse cake

Hello friends! Today I will share with you a new recipe of a delicious chocolate mousse cake. Around News Year  we made this delicious chocolate mousse cake that we found on internet by a local cooker. We find this recipe very easy to make so we decided to try it…..and believe me it is THE

Almond Cake….yummy :)

Hello Friends! Long time no blog post from my side… As you all know, soon we will add a new little member to our family and we are very enthusiast, counting down the remaining days. We already decided the birth day for him and we are enjoying the last days of movement in my big

Food: Banoffee parfaits – delicious sweets

Hello everyone! After a long break we return with a blog post about a delicious recipe, something that is perfect for the holidays or if you have visitors: Banoffee parfaits. This recipe is really a simple recipe to prepare and you and your guests will be delighted. Here are the ingredients you need:  – 1

Late harvest – autumn garden update

 Hello friends and welcome back to our blog. This time we have an autumn garden update and this will be probably the last update from our garden this year as the cold is starting to show it’s teeth. Nevertheless we have some late harvest.   I love strawberries and this year I have really enjoyed eating

Summer ice strawberries smoothie

The summer begins to bring us warm days and we have lots of small things to enjoy on our garden, organic vegetables and fruits and more and more strawberries are starting to ripe. It is time for a cooling ice strawberries smoothie, so we used for this the following ingredients:  – strawberries – we used  our

Strawberries Summer Smoothie

We love the summer and we love the fruits that come in the end of spring and  beginning of the summer like: strawberries and cherries. I especially love cherries and I could eat non stop cherries. And because the markets around are now overwhelmed with strawberries we changed our morning breakfast to strawberry and other

Growing organic vegetables

Hello my friends! This is yet another post about gardening! It is the transition between spring and summer so it’s the perfect time to get yourself busy in the garden. And we really do! And if we get busy in the garden, why not enjoying the fruits of all the “hard” work: growing fruits and

Fruit breakfast – delicious and healthy

Good morning sleepy heads! I don’t drink coffee in the morning but i like eating fruits, the natural sugars from the fruits bring me lots of energy. This morning’s breakfast for 2 is: – 2 banana – 2 kiwi – 2 pears – 1 orange Tip on how to eat kiwi: cut the kiwi in half