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Dreaming of the summer holiday- Greece Lefkas/Lefkada

In the last days the rising temperatures makes us think more and more to the summer holiday, the sea and a sunny beach…. In few words we are dreaming already of the summer holiday. 3 more weeks are left and we are on our way to Greece! This summer we will go in Greece to

Belgium trip – Day 6 – Brugge

Hello everyone. We had a busy vacation so this post comes a bit later also with updates from our 6th day of our Belgium trip. On the way back from The Netherlands we stopped in Brugge (Bruges in English), a wonderful Flemish city that is often called “the Venice of the North” with his vast

Belgium Trip – day 4 – bike day

Hello guys! Today was not quite a sunny day like yesterday, but we made an awesome bike trip trough the country side of Flanders, in the Diksmuide area. It rained a bite but we ware lucky and it stopped quickly and we even had some sun from time to time. First we wanted to go in

Belgium Trip – day 3 – enjoying the spring

Day 3 of our Belgium trip and we were lucky to have yet another sunny spring day. We decided it is time for relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful day and we went close to visit a nearby castle: the Blankaart castle. The castle has a lake, a forest and a swamp in his ”back yard’

Belgium trip – day 2 – The North Sea and more

Today was a beautiful sunny day of spring. We decided to take advantage of the sun and warmth and go to see the North Sea, it’s only about 20 km from where we are right now so it was an easy destination. First thing in the morning after the breakfast we went for a walk

Belgium here we come (again)

We booked our spring vacation and we are going to Belgium! We are going back in Belgium for 1 week for a short Easter holiday and I am thrilled about that, I can’t hardly wait to visit Belgium again! Belgium has been our adoptive country for about 5 years in the past (2002 – 2007)

A place to go: Norway – drive between walls of snow

Hi there! Hope you have a wonderful day today! Because it’s winter here you go some walls of snow! I recently saw some pictures online from Norway where people, cars and buses were driving on a road between high walls of snow. That can be amazing as a sight seeing , to be impressed of