Happiness Engineer

Hello there dear Automattic interviewer or recruiter!

Nice to meet you, virtually, and I really hope I will get the chance to meet you in an online interview and also in person sooner or later.

Let’s start about me, then we will talk about you!

When I saw the Happiness Engineer job ad, my first thought that came into my head was: “Hey foxy mama, let me be your Happiness Engineer!”.

I hope you won’t think I am too old if I told you I know Johnny Bravo, ok? Well I am one of the 90’s and 2000’s Cartoon Network – self raised –  kids generation from Romania, and such things stick with you for a long time.

After the first thought passed, I just clicked the title of the job ad and told myself, “Happiness Engineer sounds kind of great”, the next step was to search for some keywords inside the job ad.


“OK, let me see where is the <videochat> keyword,… well this sounds promising, there is no <videochat> found…. WOW there is nothing remotely similar to <videochat>! This has the potential to be a real deal remote job!”.  Jackpot baby! A remote job from the comfort of my home or café, Happiness Engineer sounds good , “I like making people happy” was echoing in my mind, must apply! Problem! How to make those guys take me from their 1000 milion billion applicants? They like WordPress! Jackpot baby!

So I started reading the job ad and skipped to the requirements – I believe everyone does that just to avoid dreaming of something that will never happen – and I was amazed to see that I kinda fit the requirements. See below my answer to your requirements.

Proficiency with WordPress, HTML, and CSS, along with a strong support philosophy – CHECKED

Let me explain that one:

I currently have a full time job in an office as a Team Manager for the Dutch speaking market of Microsoft Store and Billing Support – working for the outsourcer Arvato. I am leading a team of 17 agents that perform phone, chat and email support for one of the biggest corporations and we are doing a great job. You know, training the guys on the front line to use their soft skills, to take speedy calls and ensure customer satisfaction – operational metrics are quite important for our client – some boring meetings with the management on topics discussed 10 times already, feedback sessions with my crew – sometimes some motivational speeches when I see them having a bad day or month-, calculating bonuses, adding their working hours for the Romanian labor reports, escalating never ending issues and receiving late replies, from the end client, going out for coffee, taking troublemakers to some “outside of office” feedback sessions, and much more leadership work. That stands out for a pretty strong support philosophy – my opinion at least!

I have some experience with WordPress, HTML and CSS, due to my part time freelance hobby job, as a website designer and marketing manager, for some small local companies. Making their websites – mostly using WordPress – and managing their websites and social media pages – posting, promotions, products, SEO, ad marketing and more.

Excellent writing and communication skills, with a knack for taking technical language and making it understandable – CHECKED

I am a modest person so I would not say excellent writing and communication skills, but I need to admit that I have strong writing and communication skills for an introvert. YES, I am an introvert. But besides my 4 years experience as leading a complicated team I have 2 years and 6 months of experience communicating with an alien. An alien I wrote? Ups, sorry, I meant a 2 years (and 6 months yesterday 1st of September) baby boy with a LOT of energy.

Before being a Team Manager I have worked for 1 year as a frontline customer care agent and then 1 year as an escalation specialist for the same Microsoft Store – translating technical language in understandable words was my main task and second nature.

A passion for solving tough problems and proposing elegant solutions. – CHECKED

To be honest, this is one that I did not had, or believe to have had, previous to my job role as Team Leader… that made me as a stone. You never saw tough problems before working in a Microsoft call center! Believe me that I know what I am talking about…  More about this topic, in the future interview.  I believe that, if you have reached this far in reading my cover letter, then I have a real chance for an interview. Right?

If not, then it was really fun and I will keep this page as a reminder of my attempt and to inspire me for future attempts.

An ability to learn and adapt so that you can help teach others. – CHECKED

I have a personal motto, maybe stolen from someone else, it does not matter, it is mine now: There is always something to be learned in life, no matter how old or wise you are. I have seen situations where I was overwhelmed and where keeping a cool head got me trough and situations where, putting pressure on stakeholders did wonders.

My day to day task is to teach others how to do their job properly or to find ways to translate procedures into their understanding, so I think I am damn good about teaching others.

Patience, grace, and a sense of humor – DOUBLE CHECKED

Like I previously said, I am an introvert, I have tons of patience – my wife says to me I am the most patient guy she ever saw and at times that really but really pisses her off. I can say I have grace, when needed – but I would name it rather tact than grace or maybe diplomacy, yes that sounds better in my head.

Sense of humor – quod erat demonstrandum.

Your next question, if only I haven’t bored you to death yet, would be why I want to leave my current job and take a remote job by Automattic as Happiness Engineer??? WHY?

The first part is actually a sad one because I really love my current job, but our client, Microsoft, has decided to move it’s call center to a less expensive vendor that focuses more on cutting costs then on actual quality and human value. So, we learned recently that we need to search for new jobs. And because going to a vendor that does not value employees is out of the question, I decided to search for a new job, would love to have a remote one, if possible.

And I always dreamed I can work from home again, why I say again because before being a full time employee to Arvato, my freelancing days were full work from home – an office with a view (that can be different once in a while).

Enough about me, let’s talk about you now. I love your products guys and I have used them with a lot of my customers and build websites. I am not trying to make a good impression here – actually I am but now I am really sincere – when I say that you guys are doing an amazing job and it would be a dream come true to work for such an open minded company.

One more thing, I am truly ashamed to admit that, until I have discovered this job ad, I had no ideea that you guys were the developers of WooCommerce – shame, shame shame on me because I used your product a bit and it does wonders… 

If you believe that this transgression can be forgotten and you can value someone that knows integrity, has a strong work value, is smart and willing to learn, can adapt and knows the value of well treated employees – give me a chance to be one of your Happiness Engineers and just send me the hiring papers.

You can read more about me in my CV – click here -or you can always contact me by phone or WhatsApp +40721709394 – or just send me an email to stefan.clinciu@gmail.com

My time zone is UTC+3 but I can be very flexible about time.

Note- I have also Belgian citizenship so I do not need a visa to enter US – this is also to answer the question if I am willing to travel.


Thank you for your time!