Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card – 3D Happy Birthday Card

Hello Everyone. We just launched our first Handmade products on the International handmade selling markets. The first one is: Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card | 3D Happy Birthday Card | Perfect Birthday Gift – Unique Design 100% Handmade in Europe  A5 size UNIQUE DESIGN – We have designed an unique handmade card that will stand

Handmade Happy Birthday card

Handcrafted with love in Romania. We are proud to announce the launch of our first handmade Happy Birthday card. Card details: 100% hand crafted from 240g cardboard of different collors and black/dark blue ink Contoured shape (3d card) A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm) 240g cardboard the card 100% unique as each card is hand

Travel Wish list – We wish to travel

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog Today we have a new topic we want to share with you: a list of with to travel to… a TRAVEL WISH LIST! We would love to travel more to see the world, to experience new things, see the wonders of the nature, the wonders of

1 March – The beginning

The beginning of something beautiful… 1 March is a symbolic day for us, is the beginning of spring, for Romanians is the celebration of Mărțișor. Today decorations made from red and white string with a small decoration is tied/attached then to be offered to someone you love on the 1st day of March. Giving this talisman to people (in this area

Banana and oatmeal pancakes

Hello friends, welcome back to our enjoy small things blog! Today we delight you with another delicious recipe: simple and healthy pancakes from banana and oatmeal. The recipe is simple and the mix of the ingredients together with the baking of the pancakes should not take more than 10 minutes, an ideal breakfast for your

Trio chocolate mousse cake

Hello friends! Today I will share with you a new recipe of a delicious chocolate mousse cake. Around News Year  we made this delicious chocolate mousse cake that we found on internet by a local cooker. We find this recipe very easy to make so we decided to try it…..and believe me it is THE