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handmade Christmas Cards – Unique Design 100% Handcrafted from Cardboard and Strings.
High quality cream colored cardboard was used for the base of the card. Card no.1 had an artistic acrylic paint splash applied then the 2 Christmas trees cropped from different colored cardboard, glued using nontoxic glue. Cardboard stars and decorations used to create a 3D effect on the card. Card no 2 has high quality colored organic cotton strings in shape of a tree with 3D snowflakes glued – all on a smaller red cardboard for a color contrast effect. Smaller cardboard stapled on one corner and glued on another to create a cool 3D effect with the cropped star on top. Letters JOY stamped using nontoxic ink (green shades)


Unique Design 100% Handcrafted from Cardboard and Strings.

ONE OF A KIND CARDS – Different design than the commercial cards, unique Christmas cards to share the Joy to your loved ones. Personalized cards with the unique factor!

HOLIDAY GIFT – If you need a special Christmas gift idea just buy our cards pack, share it with love and let the Holidays Joy fill you and your loved ones.

ELEGANT CHRISTMAS CARDS – Non conventional elegant Christmas cards with 2 different unique designs. One card design with 2 cardboard trees on a snowy background with season decorations. The second card with a Christmas tree shaped from strings and with glittery snowflakes.

Handmade Cards Notice.
All pictures are from real actual products but the packages delivered might have small differences that make each one unique.
Because the cards are 100% produced from raw materials in our artisan workshop there are some differences that might appear from card to card: trees placed a bit different on the cardboard base, the snowy color splash on the card is always unique as the acrylic paint is hand splashed with the brush, position of the decorations might be different as everything is hand glued together, the stamped letters JOY have an unique finish for each card as we use individual letter stamps and nontoxic ink.

I accept customized orders for this Holiday Card pack, please use the link in my Artisan profile for contact options or search for the “Customized Card” listing.
Handcrafted with love to be offered as a gift with pure JOY. Happy Holidays!
Dimensions of the cards: A6
105 × 148 mm
4,1 × 5,8 inch