Pebble Art: Motivation | Original Home Decor, Wall Decor, Stone Art. The perfect gift for any occasion


Get motivated trough pebble art! Unique Handmade Gift

Theme of the handmade piece: Motivation. Everyone needs a bit of a motivation and this pebble art has it. 7 pebbles with stamped motivating words: Love, Smile, Care, Dream, Hope , Fun and Home. Place this on your bed side and you will always have a good morning. Offer it as a gift to someone that really needs motivation in his life.


Unique gift: This Pebble Art piece is the perfect unique gift for any occasion: birthday gift, housewarming gift, mother’s day, valentine’s day gift, Christmas gift, love declaration gift, anniversary gift or just to say I love you to someone dear.

All pebbles are collected by us from different beaches we visited from all over Europe in the past years, we developed a hobby on collecting different pebbles, glass, driftwood or other interesting items from beaches. Adding sea smoothed pebbles or driftwood into a frame will make a beautiful home decoration item that will complement any room in your home as well as making a perfect gift.

The piece is framed in a nice vintage looking frame.

Handcrafted Item notice: The pictures are real pictures from an actual pebble art item, you must understand that each item is unique and it will differ slightly from the image shown (The beauty and uniqueness of any handcrafted product).

Customizations are possible for any handmade item, just contact us using the profile contact us option and we will be more than happy to customize any item for you!

Dimensions: 21 x 16 x 2 cm (8,27 x 6,3 x 0,79 inch)


The words on the handmade piece can be customized, just contact us for customization options.



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