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Summer ice strawberries smoothie

The summer begins to bring us warm days and we have lots of small things to enjoy on our garden, organic vegetables and fruits and more and more strawberries are starting to ripe. It is time for a cooling ice strawberries smoothie, so we used for this the following ingredients:  – strawberries – we used  our

Strawberries Summer Smoothie

We love the summer and we love the fruits that come in the end of spring and  beginning of the summer like: strawberries and cherries. I especially love cherries and I could eat non stop cherries. And because the markets around are now overwhelmed with strawberries we changed our morning breakfast to strawberry and other

Fruit breakfast – delicious and healthy

Good morning sleepy heads! I don’t drink coffee in the morning but i like eating fruits, the natural sugars from the fruits bring me lots of energy. This morning’s breakfast for 2 is: – 2 banana – 2 kiwi – 2 pears – 1 orange Tip on how to eat kiwi: cut the kiwi in half

Delicious and healthy breakfast: fruit smoothie

We have a habit of eating fruits as breakfast, because fruits have high natural sugar quantity in them and they also tend to ferment in your stomach. So it is always good to eat fruits at leas 1 hour before you eat something else. Try to not combine fruit with other foods. Today we have