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Trio chocolate mousse cake

Hello friends! Today I will share with you a new recipe of a delicious chocolate mousse cake. Around News Year  we made this delicious chocolate mousse cake that we found on internet by a local cooker. We find this recipe very easy to make so we decided to try it…..and believe me it is THE

Almond Cake….yummy :)

Hello Friends! Long time no blog post from my side… As you all know, soon we will add a new little member to our family and we are very enthusiast, counting down the remaining days. We already decided the birth day for him and we are enjoying the last days of movement in my big

Delicious caramel cake with walnuts

Hello world! This Saturday we did something sweet, we baked a delicious caramel cake with walnuts. This is our second time we baked this cake, first time was a while ago. Since we started the blog and we want to post also food and recipes here we thought we can start with something sweet. Take a look of