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The story of a perfect Christmas gift – Friendship Frame

It was late in the evening, one December night in the first week of December. The time when we all begin thinking about Christmas and start make mental plans about what to do, what gifts to get for the loved ones, what gifts we would expect.  His shift was almost over, a tiresome late shift

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa is here!

Merry Christmas everyone! We wish you to spend wonderful time with the ones you love the most, to feel the Christmas spirit in the air, to love, to feel loved, to feel fulfilled and to smile, smile and smile once more. It’s the most commercial time of the year when the nostalgia takes a special

Christmas mood – Let the holidays come

Hello friends, welcome back to our blog! It is December, winter and today it is snowing, you can almost feel the holidays and the Christmas spirit in the air…. Some Christmas songs in the background and a cinnamon scent in the air… the moment is magical. And because we are closing inon Christmas, a special