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DIY – coconut shell mulch for garden or flower pots

Hello friends! Welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog! Today we have another really cool DIY and a really simple one: Making mulch from coconut shell to use for your garden or flower pots What you need? – A coconut! 🙂 – a hammer and something hard like a wood plank Just eat the delicious

DIY – Coconut shell candle – Light me up!

Lavender scent candle in coconut shell – a quick do it yourself project. This fun and quick to do project allows you to recycle a coconut shell and to use it in another way, make a candle from it and delight your senses with a lavender scent candle. Here is the list of needed supplies

DIY – Flower pot from coconut shell

A cool way to recycle a coconut shell is to transform it into something else, we thought to make a small flower pot out of a coconut shell. And here is the result… What you need for this do it yourself project: – One  coconut  – A jigsaw to cut the coconut – One painting