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Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card – 3D Happy Birthday Card

Hello Everyone. We just launched our first Handmade products on the International handmade selling markets. The first one is: Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card | 3D Happy Birthday Card | Perfect Birthday Gift – Unique Design 100% Handmade in Europe  A5 size UNIQUE DESIGN – We have designed an unique handmade card that will stand

Baby room decoration – DINO DIY

HI FRIENDS!!!!! Since we love to use our hands and make thinks for us, we decided to use an old t-shirt and make a small decoration for our baby. Down here you can see what we use for this DIY:                     First we cut the figurines from

DIY – coconut shell mulch for garden or flower pots

Hello friends! Welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog! Today we have another really cool DIY and a really simple one: Making mulch from coconut shell to use for your garden or flower pots What you need? – A coconut! 🙂 – a hammer and something hard like a wood plank Just eat the delicious

DIY – Making a shoe organizer from hangers

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. With the current busy schedule it was a bit hard for us to write other posts and we have so many things we did that would love to share. Even some old DIY projects that were already made this summer but due to lack of time we

DIY – 4 piece painting: Elephants family

Hello everyone and welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog! Today we have a special painting set to present to you: The Elephants Family This is special because we received it as a gift from a good friend of ours (Thank you so much Dana for this one) and it was hand made by her

DIY – Inspirational paintings: Love, Dream, Live

This is an older Do IT Yourself project of ours, we painted those 3 inspirational paintings about 3 years ago, the website is only from January 2015 but it is still a great DIY project I would like to share with you. The theme of the DIY project is to have something beautiful as decoration

DIY – Garden trolls decoration

Hello dear friends and welcome back to our blog. Today we made a special Do It Yourself decoration suitable for any garden or home, made out of stones with love and a bit of online inspiration…our own version of: Stone little trolls garden/home decoration Here is what you need for this simple DIY:  – a

DIY – Handmade postcards from stamps and cardboard

When I went trough the postcards collection and arranged the 300 received postcards for pictures I have separated some envelopes and at first I wanted to throw them away but then an idea hit me. What if I will create some postcards out of the stamps from those envelopes. So the next step was to