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Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card – 3D Happy Birthday Card

Hello Everyone. We just launched our first Handmade products on the International handmade selling markets. The first one is: Custom Handmade Balloons Birthday Card | 3D Happy Birthday Card | Perfect Birthday Gift – Unique Design 100% Handmade in Europe  A5 size UNIQUE DESIGN – We have designed an unique handmade card that will stand

Happy New Year 2016

2016 is here! Happy New Year everyone! 2015 was a good year and we accomplished a lot, it was a busy year and the year when we decided to have our own blog, did not had that much time to write on the blog but this will change in 2016 because we have the following

30+ reasons why you should love Romania

I have found some amazing pictures online, at the initiative of a Romanian Student league (LSRS – the league of Romanian students from abroad – Rusian branch – see the source at the end of the article). They asked students from all over the world, their colleagues, to write some boards with texts why they

Spanish holiday – last update – rural Spain

Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog! This is the last update from our Spanish holiday. We had an amazing time there and even if it was only one week, it was an incredible week where we combined the relaxation with sightseeing. As usual this will be a more visual post blog with pictures and

DIY – Making a shoe organizer from hangers

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. With the current busy schedule it was a bit hard for us to write other posts and we have so many things we did that would love to share. Even some old DIY projects that were already made this summer but due to lack of time we

DIY – 4 piece painting: Elephants family

Hello everyone and welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog! Today we have a special painting set to present to you: The Elephants Family This is special because we received it as a gift from a good friend of ours (Thank you so much Dana for this one) and it was hand made by her

Never give up!

We should all take an example from this little snail that struggled to go up on a wooden board in our garden: even if the road was long and hard he did not gave up. #nevergiveup Never give up! Do your best in life and enjoy each moment! Don’t forget to stop once in a while

Strawberries harvest

Short update on our organic gardening! Working in the garden has amazing rewards: the harvest of fruits and vegetables! Do you remember the post Growing strawberries? The strawberries are starting to ripe and we already had 2 harvests: this is the second bowl of strawberries we collect from our 2 rows of organic strawberries plants. They