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Late harvest – autumn garden update

 Hello friends and welcome back to our blog. This time we have an autumn garden update and this will be probably the last update from our garden this year as the cold is starting to show it’s teeth. Nevertheless we have some late harvest.   I love strawberries and this year I have really enjoyed eating

Strawberries harvest

Short update on our organic gardening! Working in the garden has amazing rewards: the harvest of fruits and vegetables! Do you remember the post Growing strawberries? The strawberries are starting to ripe and we already had 2 harvests: this is the second bowl of strawberries we collect from our 2 rows of organic strawberries plants. They

Growing organic vegetables

Hello my friends! This is yet another post about gardening! It is the transition between spring and summer so it’s the perfect time to get yourself busy in the garden. And we really do! And if we get busy in the garden, why not enjoying the fruits of all the “hard” work: growing fruits and

DIY – Growing strawberries

Hello all! Today comes a gardening article which is only natural because outside is warm and the garden begins to get a life of its own. I always wanted to have strawberries in my garden so last year we bought 10 plants from a local gardening store and we planted them on a small plot.