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Our mailbox is happy again – 3 new postcards

Today our mailbox is happy again and so are we! We received 3 new inbound postcards and it is time for us to prepare some outbound postcards, will come soon with an update. The first inbound postcard comes from Germany and was sent by Beate and it shows the old Town Hall of Melle, Germany.

5 new outbound postcards – Summer mood

TIt was hard to find the time to write new posts about our Lefkada Summer Holiday because of the busy schedule we had when we came back from holiday, but the posts will come for sure in the next days. Meanwhile I have a new post about some outbound postcards via postcrossing.com project, we have fresh postcards

3 inbound postcards from Sardegna – Italy, Belarus and Germany

Hello postcards and postcrossing lovers! Long time no post about postcards or postcrossing, lately we were quite busy at work and all our free time was dedicated to outdoor activities, I have left postcards and postcrossing aside for a few weeks. We received 3 cool postcards on Friday, I registered them online on the site

4 Outbound postcards to Germany, India, UK and US

Today we selected 4 random postcrossers to send some cool postcards, 3 of them are our own do it yourself postcards we did yesterday – see here the article. The first postcard goes to Andreas in Germany, postcard is RO-102708  and it is a view from Brasov, our home city. I have bought this one

4 new inbound postcards from: 2 from Germany, Belarus and United Kingdom

Hello all Postcrossing fans! Today is a special day for us in regards with postcards and the Postcrossing Project, we just received 4 new inbound postcards: 2 from Germany, one Belarus and  one from United Kingdom. We are happy every time our mailbox has postcards inside but today we received the 300th postcard via Postcrossing.com project.