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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this time of the year searches for Valentine’s Day gifts are spiking up. Many of our handmade Pebble Art items are suitable to be gifted to your Valentine. Today we bring under the spotlight our “Love is in the air” Pebble Art frame. Over last few months

Pebble Art: Forever | Perfect Wedding Gift. Handcrafted Gift Idea. Original Home Decor, Wall Decor, Stone Art. Forever Love Pebble Art. Gift for Her. Engagement gift. Customized gift.

Theme of the handmade decoration: Forever Love A heart made from small white marble pebbles and with 3D text effect: Forever … And Ever. Unique gift for a love declaration. Special gift idea: This Pebble Art piece is the perfect unique gift for any occasion: wedding gift , engagement gift, a gift to your best

30+ reasons why you should love Romania

I have found some amazing pictures online, at the initiative of a Romanian Student league (LSRS – the league of Romanian students from abroad – Rusian branch – see the source at the end of the article). They asked students from all over the world, their colleagues, to write some boards with texts why they

Motivational video – Jim Carrey – Choose love

Browsing the web in the avid need of being inspired I stumbled upon a motivational speech held by Jim Carrey at the Maharishi University of Management Graduation in 2014. The video below is a compressed version with some few essential quotes from Jim Carrey that will inspire and make you think about the value of life and life

DIY – Inspirational paintings: Love, Dream, Live

This is an older Do IT Yourself project of ours, we painted those 3 inspirational paintings about 3 years ago, the website is only from January 2015 but it is still a great DIY project I would like to share with you. The theme of the DIY project is to have something beautiful as decoration

10 simple tricks to enjoy life and live happy

My 10 tricks that make my life a joy each day. Before I start with the tips I just want to acknowledge that we are all unique so if you find some tips that can’t apply to your life and personality, well that is OK! Just take what you think is right  for you from my article. We all should