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New outbound postcards – Spain postcards + Minions

Hello friends, welcome back to enjoysmallthings,com Today this post is about some new outbound postcards we sent a few days ago, today I managed to make the time for the blog post. Basically 3 of the 4 postcards we sent now are from Spain, from San Sebastian from our October Spanish holiday. The first postcard

4 new outbound postcards via Postcrossing

Finally I managed to make some time to send some new postcards via the postcrossing.com website. The last week the website had the 10th anniversary. 10 years of smiles I would like to say, 10 years of happy mailboxes and at the moment more than 30 million postcards were sent trough this project. Let’s get

4 Outbound postcards to Germany, India, UK and US

Today we selected 4 random postcrossers to send some cool postcards, 3 of them are our own do it yourself postcards we did yesterday – see here the article. The first postcard goes to Andreas in Germany, postcard is RO-102708  and it is a view from Brasov, our home city. I have bought this one

300 cards received and 300 cards sent trough Postcrossing

Today is a big day for us, we just reached the 300th postcard received  a few days ago and today we reached the 300th postcard sent. It’s a special day so it is time for a special blog post. It was a long and fun journey, to reach the 300th postcard trough postcrossing.com project, we

4 outbound postcards to Germany, USA, Japan ad The Netherlands

Hello Postcrossing friends. Today I am sending 4 new outbound postcards to Germany, USA, Japan ad The Netherlands. Those cards are the first for April, this weekend I am planning to send some more cards. I want to reach the 300 sent postcard this month… The first one goes to Mechthild in Germany and is a

3 new postcards ready to be sent out

In the last 3 days we received a lot of postcards and even if I already sent 3 postcards 2 days ago I decided  to send 3 more postcards. I want to reach the 300 marker of sent and received by random users postcards via Postcrossing… We are almost there, we are at 292 sent

4 new outbound postcards to: Russia, USA, Netherlands and Ukraine

Today we have 4 new outbound postcards ready to be sent to: Russia, USA, Netherlands and Ukraine The card RO-96972 will go to Anastasia in Russia. The card was bought online from ebay, in a collection of worldwide postcards. This card shows the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, it is a nice  in-motion picture of the