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New outbound postcards – Spain postcards + Minions

Hello friends, welcome back to enjoysmallthings,com Today this post is about some new outbound postcards we sent a few days ago, today I managed to make the time for the blog post. Basically 3 of the 4 postcards we sent now are from Spain, from San Sebastian from our October Spanish holiday. The first postcard

Souvenirs from our Spanish holiday

Holidays are gone quickly and besides the great memories we always like to get souvenirs in the form of fridge magnets (we have lots of friends that would love to get a fridge magnet from the places we go) and also postcards for us to have to send trough the postcrossing project. This time we

October inbound postcards – postcrossing

 Hello postcrossing friends! We have  2 new postcards ready for today! We just received them today and it is a good chance to update the postcrossing category on the website. Unfortunately because we had a few showers today somehow water managed to go inside the postbox so the postcards got a bit wet and became

Our mailbox is happy again – 3 new postcards

Today our mailbox is happy again and so are we! We received 3 new inbound postcards and it is time for us to prepare some outbound postcards, will come soon with an update. The first inbound postcard comes from Germany and was sent by Beate and it shows the old Town Hall of Melle, Germany.

3 new inbound postcards – Postcrossing.com

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. Today we received 3 amazing postcards trough the postcrossing.com project. The first postcard comes from France, was sent by Marian and it shows the beautiful town of Annecy. This is a must go for our future travels because I love towns with water channels like Brugge in

4 new outbound postcards via Postcrossing

Finally I managed to make some time to send some new postcards via the postcrossing.com website. The last week the website had the 10th anniversary. 10 years of smiles I would like to say, 10 years of happy mailboxes and at the moment more than 30 million postcards were sent trough this project. Let’s get

2 new incoming postcards from Poland and Finland

Another happy day for our mailbox, we received 2 new postcards.   The first one is from Poland from Kuba and shows 3 sweet dogs The second is from Terhi, a school teacher that told us many interesting things about sauna and the importance of saunas for her country   Thank you both for the cool

3 inbound postcards from Sardegna – Italy, Belarus and Germany

Hello postcards and postcrossing lovers! Long time no post about postcards or postcrossing, lately we were quite busy at work and all our free time was dedicated to outdoor activities, I have left postcards and postcrossing aside for a few weeks. We received 3 cool postcards on Friday, I registered them online on the site

2 inbound postcards from Poland and U.S.A.

Today our mailbox smiled again, next to the usual electricity bill we receive 2 new postcards via the Postcrossing project. The first card is sent by Pavel from Poland (PL-1050485) and it is a postcard from the town of Lipki, a street in winter and summer and the reggae singer Kamil Bednarek original from this town.

New inbound postcard from China

We received today a new postcard from Yunong Li, from China, postcard ID CN-1580292 He sent us a beautiful postcard from Wuzhen with a cool river/canal and dock houses on that river. I have looked this city online and from the online pictures it is a small Chinese replica of Venice 🙂 Here is the