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4 new outbound postcards via Postcrossing

Finally I managed to make some time to send some new postcards via the postcrossing.com website. The last week the website had the 10th anniversary. 10 years of smiles I would like to say, 10 years of happy mailboxes and at the moment more than 30 million postcards were sent trough this project. Let’s get

Never give up!

We should all take an example from this little snail that struggled to go up on a wooden board in our garden: even if the road was long and hard he did not gave up. #nevergiveup Never give up! Do your best in life and enjoy each moment! Don’t forget to stop once in a while

10 simple tricks to enjoy life and live happy

My 10 tricks that make my life a joy each day. Before I start with the tips I just want to acknowledge that we are all unique so if you find some tips that can’t apply to your life and personality, well that is OK! Just take what you think is right  for you from my article. We all should

We received 6 new postcards today!

Hello friend readers! Today we just received 6 postcards from the #Postcrossing project. We always receive many postcards at once because our post office is a bit far and the postman collects them a few days and then visit us with lots of pleasant surprises. It is quite good to receive something else than bills