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Souvenirs from our Spanish holiday

Holidays are gone quickly and besides the great memories we always like to get souvenirs in the form of fridge magnets (we have lots of friends that would love to get a fridge magnet from the places we go) and also postcards for us to have to send trough the postcrossing project. This time we

Spanish holiday – last update – rural Spain

Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog! This is the last update from our Spanish holiday. We had an amazing time there and even if it was only one week, it was an incredible week where we combined the relaxation with sightseeing. As usual this will be a more visual post blog with pictures and

San Sebastian – The Atlantic ocean – Holiday update

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting our blog again for a new update from our Spanish holiday in the Basque Country. This time we visited a beautiful coastal city: San Sebastian or Donostia in Basque – it is a big city in the north west of Spain at the Atlantic Ocean. We were there in about

Enjoying the Basque Country – Euskadi – Pamplona

Hello friends and welcome to a new travel post blog. In the last couple of days we enjoyed the Basque Country at his full beauty. Even if the first days were a bit rainy we still enjoyed some nature walks between rain drops and that gave us the chance to see the city life and

Greetings from Pamplona, Spain – Short 1 week holiday

Hello friends! We needed some time off, a holiday to forget the daily routine and at the insistence of our friends from Spain we decided for a late autumn 1 week holiday in Pamplona. Said and done, we found ourselves in a flight to Zaragoza and then by car to Pamplona with the kindness of