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Belgium Trip – day 3 – enjoying the spring

Day 3 of our Belgium trip and we were lucky to have yet another sunny spring day. We decided it is time for relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful day and we went close to visit a nearby castle: the Blankaart castle. The castle has a lake, a forest and a swamp in his ”back yard’

Belgium trip – day 2 – The North Sea and more

Today was a beautiful sunny day of spring. We decided to take advantage of the sun and warmth and go to see the North Sea, it’s only about 20 km from where we are right now so it was an easy destination. First thing in the morning after the breakfast we went for a walk

DIY – 3D Paper butterfly wall stickers

The winter is gone and spring is coming to us slowly. We want to decorate our home accordingly and even Easter will arrive soon so we decided to make another DIY decoration: Hand made wall stickers from paper butterflies This is a simple DIY but it takes some time to craft it because it is

Let’s hope that spring comes soon!

Spring is here, in a pot! We still have snow and cold outside, but we are done with winter. The holidays are gone, Santa has come and now it’s time for spring and the sunny days to come. Even if it has been a long winter and it does not give any sign that it will