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Banana and oatmeal pancakes

Hello friends, welcome back to our enjoy small things blog! Today we delight you with another delicious recipe: simple and healthy pancakes from banana and oatmeal. The recipe is simple and the mix of the ingredients together with the baking of the pancakes should not take more than 10 minutes, an ideal breakfast for your

Almond Cake….yummy :)

Hello Friends! Long time no blog post from my side… As you all know, soon we will add a new little member to our family and we are very enthusiast, counting down the remaining days. We already decided the birth day for him and we are enjoying the last days of movement in my big

Delicious protein bites

Hello again friends and welcome to a new delicious recipe how to make article, this time we decided to make some delicious protein bites that you can enjoy eating a whole week. You can keep them in the fridge and they will be good to eat for the whole week. This recipe has milk and

Healthy snack: Oatmeal bars with dark chocolate

Hi guys! Today we wanted to make something delicious sweet / snack but also to be something healthy. So we decided to make some oatmeal bars with dark chocolate, walnuts, almonds and raisins. Last year I searched on internet a recipe for oatmeal bars, a simple one because I did not have at that time all