New outbound postcards: to China and Germany

Today I selected 2 new destinations for a couple of cards using the Postcrossing system.

postcrossing to china and germany

First card will be sent to Lin in China, postcard ID: RO-95821 (the postcard in the top left corner) and the second one will be sent to Tristan in Germany, postcard ID: RO-96377 (the card from the right side in the picture).


The story behind those 2 postcards:

Both of them were bought from Kusadasi, Turkey in the summer of 2013 , we went there in our summer holiday with 2 couples of friends. We really enjoyed that holiday and I can hardly wait to return to the warm and welcoming Turkey.

The cards are from the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, famous for one of the 7 Wonders of the World : The Temple of Artemis. We visited the archaeological site and we took a valuable history lesson. It is one of the “must see” tourist destination located next to Kusadasi, an important tourist hub in Turkey.

The Ephesus ruins are impressive you feel like you have jumped in time a few centuries, I cannot say the same thing about the Temple of Artemis, there is not much you can see because the temple was destroyed in a raid. Only one column is standing from this Wonder of the World

More info about Ephesus and about the Temple of Artemis on wikipedia
– a side note to myself: I really need to buy a new camera, this was made with the camera of Raluca’s tablet, it takes good pictures usually but all depends on the light. This picture is a little blurry , too early in the morning to take pictures with the tablet I think 🙂 –


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