The Postcrossing project

Today I will explain a bit about the project.

The official explanation about the project on their website is:  It’s a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world


Basically you register for a free account, you fill in your profile and select an address to send a postcard to a random person somewhere in the big wide world.

You write and stamp your postcard (carefully writing your postcard ID on it) send your postcard and when the user receives it and registers the postcard you have one sent postcard. In that moment you are selected from the database from a random user and in a couple of days (depends on the postal services) you will receive a postcard in your mail.

It is that simple (at least for us, the users of the website, because for the developers I am sure that the creation of the algorithms was a bit challenging)

I first found out about this website in June 2010 when I started to send and receive postcards from all over the world. We received cards from 40 countries and we sent cards to 37 countries (see below the cards stats)


At this moment our postcrossing stats are the following:

» Sent: 276 postcards

» Received: 280 postcards

» Traveling: 9 postcards out of 14 (there is a limitation in the number of postcards you can send at one time)

» Sent distance: 1,043,858 km

» Received distance: 1,047,523 km

I have always loved postcards, I was fascinated by them and I loved sending and receiving postcards. I remember when I was little and was searching through the old postcards of my grandparents or when I was in a holiday far from home and I enjoyed sending postcards to friends and family.

I am always asking friends that are leaving in holiday to send me a postcard and a few words from where they go. I like to have the postcards stamped and written, there lies the real value of the postcards (sentimental value).

From now on I will post pictures with each card I send out and each card I am receiving, telling more about the postcard story (because each inbound or outbound postcard has his own story).

That is it for now! I will come back shortly with postcrossing updates…



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