4 new outbound postcards to Netherlands, Canada, Belarus and Finland

Today I have 4 “fresh” postcards ready to be sent to the Netherlands , Canada , Belarus and Finland.

I like to send more than 1 postcard at once and to trace to see which one will be received first, it all depends on the distance it needs to travel but sometimes the most unexpected destinations arrive before other ones…

The  first card ID RO-97828 goes to Wendy in The Netherlands and it is again a card from Rupea Fortress (bought together with the card from this post). Rupea is a quiet little town with a magnificent fortress on one of his hills. More details about the card and the fortress in the old post HERE.


I like this card because it was taken at sunset and the fortress is lighted, you can see all the details from the walls. Unfortunately the picture was taken with my mobile phone in some bad light conditions so… the quality is not so great. I need a new camera as the old one is broken.

The second postcard will be received by Anik in Canada, ID of the card is RO-97829 and this one has the picture of another fortress not far from our home: the Fagaras Fortress (about 60 km from our home).

The Fagaras fortress was built in 1310 on the site of a former 12th century wooden fortress that was burned by the Tartars in 1241 on a raid in Transilvania, the cool thing about the fortress is that it still has is water moat. Even if this is so close to my home we never had the chance to visit the interior of the fortress. Once when we wanted to visit it, it was closed. We only walked alongside the fortress.

There is a local legend linked with the Fagaras Fortress: the legend of the iron maiden.
During the middle ages the owners of the fortress used a horrible torture instrument: the iron maiden. This was supposed to be a human shaped, wooden case in which the condemned was laid down. When the case was closed sharp swards pierced through the body. On the level of the lips there was a picture of the Holy Virgin. The picture was kissed by the condemned. Rumor says that the minute the condemned kissed the picture a trapdoor opened and he fell into  a river that ran under the fortress.


The third postcard goes to Alexandre in Belarus, card with ID RO-97830. This is from the collection Romanian Citadels and Fortresses and is from Neamt Fortress. Neamt is a city in the north-east of Romania and his fortress is one of the most famous one in this part of the country. It is associated with a great ruler of Moldavia: Stefan the Great and it has a violent history (maybe more violent than other fortresses). The fortress it was build in the 14th century and witnessed during the centuries some crucial fights and survived several Ottoman sieges. This fortress is also on my: to visit list.


The last postcard for today will go to Johanna in Finland, it has the ID RO-97831 and it is a picture of an old traditional inn relocated in the ASTRA open air museum complex from Sibiu. The inn was originally located in Tulgesh, Harghita county and it was relocated into the open air museum from Sibiu.

The “ASTRA” Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization is located in the Dumbrava Forest, 3 km south of Sibiu, The open air museum is the largest open air museum in Romania and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It contains houses and workshops of the traditional Romanian folk culture from the pre-industrial era. Over 300 houses and other buildings are situated in the forest around two artificial lakes with over 10 km of walkways between them.

We visited this open air museum a few years ago and it was an amazing day spent outdoors walking trough a piece of history of our country. I would love to visit it again during the summer time, when we went and visited it it was a bit cold and not all the houses were open to visitors. Inside the houses you can see traditional household objects.


Below is an aerial view of the museum, take a few minutes to watch it and then book a flight to Romania! 🙂

Now, I will wait for the inbound postcards…

I hope you will like this post and the postcards we sent!

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