DIY – Flower pot from coconut shell

A cool way to recycle a coconut shell is to transform it into something else, we thought to make a small flower pot out of a coconut shell. And here is the result…


What you need for this do it yourself project:

– One  coconut flower-pot-from-coconut-list-of-needed-things

– A jigsaw to cut the coconut

– One painting brush

– Varnish

– A screw, a screw nut and  a washer

– you will also need a drill



The first step is to cut the coconut with the jigsaw, you do not want to cut it in 2 equal parts, one needs to be bigger than the other one. The small one will serve as the base and the bigger part will be the pot.


Take out the white part of the coconut gentle with a knife (take care not to break the shell) and eat it, mmmmm delicious.

The next step is to drill a hole the same size as your screw trough the middle of both parts of the coconut shell, then screw them together. (You might want to use also some silicone insulation to keep the water from getting out)

The last step is to brush the shell with varnish on the exterior and let it dry for a few hours.


Find a suitable plant for your new pot and you are done! We used a lucky clover we bought before new year and our cat Sysy loves to eat from it so that is why the clover is a bit…ravaged!

We hope you will like our small do it yourself project, try it at home and send us a photo of your own flower pot out of a coconut shell.


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