The Wolves are in Playoffs – Mol Liga

The highlight of my week was the victory of my home ice hockey team Corona Wolves Brasov in the barrage for the playoff semi finals versus Hockey Club Debercen.

They won the series with 2:1 after a first defeat in Hungary at Debercen, where they lost the first game with 2:1. Friday they won the second game of the series with 5:0 and yesterday night they won the third game with 5:3.

It was not easy for them but I am proud they managed to win and to go to the semi finals of the Mol Liga playoffs!

In the featured picture is Hietamaki Juhamatti, a well loved player from Finland that celebrates a goal!

They will play the semi finals  against the winner of the regular season: The Miskolc Ice Bears. It is going to be a hard series but I have the confidence they can go trough all the way to the finals if they play the same way they did in the last 2 games.

Go Wolves! Make us Proud!


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