Universe pictures that can make you re-evaluate your existence and life

If you think that you are big and important, take a look on the pictures below and then think again! Take the time to re-evaluate your existence and life. Think about what is important and what not!

I found some viral posts online and also some video’s on You about this but I want to make something original.

So we all live on Planet Earth .. we all live here:


And another picture of earth from the International Space Station


This is absolutely gorgeous to watch..

Our Earth is a part of the Solar System, below we have a picture of the Solar System with the diameter of each planet, the distance between the planets is not actual


Now you can see how small earth is comparing it with other giants in our Solar System like Jupiter or Saturn.

But let’s see how big is the Sun actually


Do you notice the Earth in this picture? Is the small blue dot next to Uranus (the first blue planet), that is how big Earth is comparing it with our Sun.

Now take a look at size of our Sun compared with other stars in the Universe


So, we learned something about size of planets, size of our sun and size of other stars in the galaxy…

How about our Milky Way galaxy? Here is where we are located:


When you look at night into the sky, everything you can see is located in this small circle


 And have a look of some galaxies in this picture taken by Hubble telescope



Now we really need to talk about size and importance of things in the universe…

My advice: Just live your day, everyday here on Earth and make the best of it!



Photo credits and sources for this article:


Size of Planets in Order




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