We received 2 postcards in our mailbox

We have found 2 new inbound postcards today , one from Russia and one from Hong Kong.

The postcard ID RU-3480997 came from Marina, from St. Petersburg and shows a small wooden church in a snow field. I am not sure where is this from exactly because it is all in Russian and I have no clue what is written on the card. But is quite a nice card … goes good with the season – here it has started again to snow yesterday…


The second card is from Kate from Hong Kong, with id HK-316032 and it is a completely black card on the front and back (the strangest postcard we have received this year – strange in a good way not bad ) and I believe it shows a Korean singer with the name Cary Chan… Interesting card 🙂


With this 2 cards we reached the 296 received cards from postcrossing.com … 4 more to 300!

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