Belgium Trip – day 3 – enjoying the spring

Day 3 of our Belgium trip and we were lucky to have yet another sunny spring day. We decided it is time for relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful day and we went close to visit a nearby castle: the Blankaart castle.

The castle has a lake, a forest and a swamp in his ”back yard’ and it was transformed into a natural reservation and the castle into a museum.


We had a perfect spring day, sunny and warm and it was great for a walk into the nature. The walk path is about 9 km trough a small forest and with some wooden elevated alleys trough the swamp.



A stone beaver…

We saw lots of birds and wild ducks and even a nest with 2 young birds and their mother and father, trying to feed them and to consolidate the nest in the middle of the water.



Almost forgot to mention the 2 chatting crows we surprised on a roof nearby…


The rest of the day was filled out with booooring shopping (interesting for Raluca) and I have nothing special to add about that!

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