DIY – Scented candles from cans and rope

Everyone has some used or not yet opened cans at home from meat or pate or animal food and it is wonderful when you can recycle your used stuff just to lower your waste footprint. For me at least it’s a fulfilling feeling when I recycle and I use “junk”  in my own do it yourself projects and transform that “junk” in beautiful decoration or useful objects.

This is our second candle DIY this year – we made a candle from a coconut shell in february – see here that post

This time we decided to recycle some small tin cans and to make our own version of:

2 wonderful vanilla and lavender scented candles from cans and rope

Here is what you need for this really easy to make DIY project: stuff-needed-for-candle-on-tin-can-with-rope

– 2 small cans

(we used 2 small 200g Pâté cans)

– some rope

– a glue gun

– wood varnish

– Paraffin wax

– lavender essential oil

– vanilla essential oil

– candle wick

– one used small  tea candle (see below why)


The first step is to glue the rope to the exterior of the tin can. We used a DIY glue gun for this but you can  use any glue you have in house.

Start from the bottom and glue the first layer, then just apply few drops of glue and add layer after layer of rope until the exterior of the can is all covered with rope.

Tip: The final layer needs also to be completely glued to be sure that the rope will not fall off from the can.


We applied some wood varnish on the rope to give it a darker color and to make the rope more shiny. For your own project you can just leave it like it is or paint the rope in different colors.

When the cans are “roped out” and ready the next step is to heat the wax for the candle. See this article  about how to prepare the wax.


I recycled the center piece of a small used tea candle to center my wick into my can and for the second can I just used a small square from the same tea candle with a small hole in the center. This way your wick will be centered and you are sure it will be down to the bottom of the can.


When done heating the wax just add the essential oil scents into the mixture (for this one we used lavender essential oil and vanilla essential oil because we like the combination of those 2 scents and it has a relaxing smell). Pour the heated wax into the cans, be careful to have the wick centered and fix it with a stick until the wax gets cold.

After about 15-20 minutes you can enjoy your new scented candles.

 And here is our candle made out of a recycled tin can with some rope…




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