DIY – Growing strawberries

Hello all! Today comes a gardening article which is only natural because outside is warm and the garden begins to get a life of its own. I always wanted to have strawberries in my garden so last year we bought 10 plants from a local gardening store and we planted them on a small plot. We managed to get some fruits but we did not really took care of the plants like you should and also the planting method was not quite what strawberries need. So we researched the subject of growing strawberries and asked around and this year we started with the right foot forward.

Firstly, at the end of march when the winter showed that it is almost over we decided to replant all our strawberries to a different place and we planted them in 2 rows making 2 small humps where we planted them.



The reason behind this is to allow the plants to grow freely, not to be too crowded (we planted each plant at a space of about 5-15 cm one from another) and to allow the future fruits to grow in the air not touching the ground too much. We separated each runner (those are the small plants that are running from the main plant trying to grow a new plant) and we got 2 rows of about 5 meters of strawberries. Can’t wait for them to grow fruits…mmmmm

Below our 2 rows of strawberries, how they were looking today before the mulch foil was applied:

The second step was to cover the ground with a mulch foil.

We bought some mulch foil from a local gardening store and cut it into pieces to fit our strawberry humps, then we used a scissors to cut x shaped holes and carefully pulled out the plants trough the holes to get them on top of the mulch foil. This step needs a lot of attention and you need to be careful not to damage the plants.

For us, this was a bit late, I think it is good to lay the mulch foil before the plants have flowers so you won’t damage the flowers by accident, but we managed to keep all the flowers intact.

And the final result is:


The reason behind the mulch layer is to keep other weeds from overwhelming the strawberries, to keep the ground moisturized and the most important to insure the plants get enough heat and to keep the future fruits from growing directly on the ground, so the strawberry crop will be an efficient one.

We hope you liked our post, please share it and comment below if you have other interesting advice on how to grow strawberries. Have a wonderful day!

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