Fruit breakfast – delicious and healthy

Good morning sleepy heads!

I don’t drink coffee in the morning but i like eating fruits, the natural sugars from the fruits bring me lots of energy.

This morning’s breakfast for 2 is:


– 2 banana

– 2 kiwi

– 2 pears

– 1 orange

Tip on how to eat kiwi: cut the kiwi in half , take a spoon and start eating with the spoon from the peel! You don’t need to take off the peel of the kiwi, and you will just spoon the fruit easy and clean.

Healthy Tip: if you eat fruits for breakfast or during the day try not to eat something else for at least 30-45 minutes so the fruits will be digested and will not mix with the other foods and start to rot in your stomach. Try not to eat fruits directly after your meal and wait 30-45 minutes for the food to start to be digested.

Have a wonderful day!

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