Growing organic vegetables

Hello my friends!

This is yet another post about gardening! It is the transition between spring and summer so it’s the perfect time to get yourself busy in the garden. And we really do! And if we get busy in the garden, why not enjoying the fruits of all the “hard” work: growing fruits and vegetables with no pesticides, no chemicals – organic gardening for a healthy lifestyle..

Now that we recently have build ourselves a small greenhouse – see here the DIY greenhouse project – it was also time to populate the greenhouse with it’s new “inhabitants”: organic grown vegetables.

The question was: what to grow?

We went to the market and saw some amazing seedlings and we decided to go ahead and purchase:

– 7 seedlings of cherry tomatoes

– 7 seedlings of big tomatoes called “ox heart”:


As you can see we planted the tomatoes seedlings 2 days ago and they already have flowers, and also a small tomato, this means that in a couple of weeks we will have some fresh organic delicious tomatoes…

– 2 seedlings of cucumber “Cornichon”:

– 2 seedlings of peppers:

– 2 seedlings of eggplant:

We had some tomatoes and peppers planted from seeds but we planted the seeds late in the spring so the seedlings were weak, that is why this year we decided it is better to purchase seedlings from the market, they are cheap and well grown.

Gardening tip: the tomatoes and the cucumber need some kind of support because they tend to grow vertically and to cling on something so we used some gardening wire that was fixed on the upper part of the greenhouse and then wrapped the plant so the gardening wire is a bit tensed and the plant has a good support to grow. (in the cucumber pictures you can see the gardening wire and the cucumber is already hanging good on the wire)

We purchased yesterday a box of “Champignon” mushrooms, a sort of growth kit with the compost with spores and a patch of ground we placed on it, everything is wrapped in a foil, we watered it and we need to leave it for a few  weeks with the foil sealed until the mushrooms will start to grow then we need to put the box into a cool, dry and dark space… and we’ll hopefully have some mushrooms too.

See the mushrooms box in the middle of our greenhouse – the yellow box.

organic vegetables in greenhouse

Those are the vegetables we have at this moment in our greenhouse.

In a different part of our garden we planted a row of peas, I just love peas and last year we had peas in the garden and they were amazing and super productive. It is easy to plant them and they grow really fast and they are very productive.

This year we planted a row of about 3 meters and we made a sort of a wooden framework and we lowered some gardening wire to the peas seedlings so they will have a support. The peas are also  climbing plants so they grow better and your harvesting will be much easier if they have a good support.

Another good vegetable suitable for each garden is the radish , we planted those about 3 weeks ago and we already harvested 2 times, they grow really fast and you can have multiple harvest in a year if you water them regularly, here is our first small harvest of radishes:


That is it for today! We hope you like our post and our garden… Come back later for more updates about the development of our organic vegetables…

Have a great day!


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