DIY – Inspirational paintings: Love, Dream, Live

This is an older Do IT Yourself project of ours, we painted those 3 inspirational paintings about 3 years ago, the website is only from January 2015 but it is still a great DIY project I would like to share with you.

The theme of the DIY project is to have something beautiful as decoration and as a reminder of some of the important things in life: to LOVE, to DREAM and to LIVE your life!

What do you need for this:

3 canvas for painting – here you can be creative and use different sizes or the same size for the canvas

acrylic paint and brushes 

auto adhesive paper

First you need to find a nice font that you like and print it in a huge size on a A4 auto adhesive paper then crop the letters and stick them to the canvas.

Then start painting the canvas! Be creative here! We just made horizontal lines using 2-3 tones of the same color. We made one painting with blue tones, one with red tones and one with purple.

Then we used a round sponge and added some round shapes as a finishing touch!

When you get rid of the paper you will have the text in the original color of the canvas and an original DIY painting set that will inspire even the darkest day.


LOVE – because it is the most noble feeling you can have


Always DREAM and don’t let anyone stop your dreams!

LIVE the life you want, and live now in the present, enjoy each second of your life!IMG_0116

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