Greetings from Pamplona, Spain – Short 1 week holiday

Hello friends! We needed some time off, a holiday to forget the daily routine and at the insistence of our friends from Spain we decided for a late autumn 1 week holiday in Pamplona. Said and done, we found ourselves in a flight to Zaragoza and then by car to Pamplona with the kindness of our hosts.

It’s going to be a week of relaxation and enjoying the last autumn days in this northern region of Spain.

Pamplona is famous for the San Fermin – or the running from the bulls holiday that holds each year in the centre of the city from 6 July until 14 of July. Would love to see that from the safety of a fence one time in my life… people dressed in white with red running from bulls on the streets.


Will keep you updated with info from our last minute holiday… Have a wonderful day!

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