Travel Wish list – We wish to travel

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog

Today we have a new topic we want to share with you: a list of with to travel to… a TRAVEL WISH LIST!

We would love to travel more to see the world, to experience new things, see the wonders of the nature, the wonders of man and meet new people and experience their culture and impressions.

This is not always easy as we are anchored and constantly linked to places and things by the modern society, we have a home, pets, loans and now even a wonderful baby… all those things require amounts of time and resources to be spent, leaving less time and resources for travel. But we will try to travel more and enjoy all the small things in life

Until then we want to make a travel wish list and share it with you, maybe we can get info about certain places, people, what to do and what to avoid… so please be active and share with us if you have something to share about the locations on our travel wish list.

My biggest wish list for travel is a road trip in USA, maybe this sounds overrated but I don’t care, I want to make at least one road trip in USA.

The most iconic road that captivates people all around the world is the Route 66 – this is the first to be placed on the travel wish list.

Starting in Illinois – Chicago and going through Missouri on the road of Lincoln then going even further south in Kansas and then western roads of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and to end in the sunny California.


That is it for now, will update the post with a more detailed map and road trip destinations….


Have a wonderful day!

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