Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this time of the year searches for Valentine’s Day gifts are spiking up.

Many of our handmade Pebble Art items are suitable to be gifted to your Valentine.

Today we bring under the spotlight our “Love is in the air” Pebble Art frame. Over last few months we made quite a few variations and customized pieces and the picture below is the latest creation that was just shipped to be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Other examples are:

The frame has a “HE and a SHE” contoured from carefully chosen pebbles, the couple is holding hands in the center of the frame and they are holding 4 balloons made from pebbles. Each balloon has a letter stamped on it that makes the word LOVE.

In the latest designs we started drawing small patches of grass below and also SHE lifts one leg up to give the frame a more romantic feeling. You know! Like the one leg up kiss in the movies.

Should you be in the search for a romantic Valentine’s Day Gift just contact us or order from the link below:

Have a beautiful day ahead!


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